When You Get a Letter Like This You’ve Just GOT to Sit up and Take Notice!

A few weeks ago this letter arrived at my office. I was a bit angry when I read it but I print it here exactly as received (although I have blacked out the swear words!  (Note it was written by someone in the UK who was referencing amounts in pounds!)


Guy Cohen

What do you think about that? Talk about blunt!

As I said, I was a bit angry when I read it. My ego was really piqued. I mean, didn’t he know that I’d been on TV? Didn’t he realise I’d taught thousands of people to trade for a living, shown them how to give up work and make five times the money from the comfort of their own homes? Hadn’t he read my top-selling books on trading? Didn’t he know I advise major stock exchanges?

Apparently not – and my ego didn’t like it one little bit!

I was on the verge of writing him a stiff letter telling him what I thought ... but experience has taught me to sleep on such things – so I held back.

Here’s the fascinating thing ... the next morning all my anger had evaporated. I awoke with just one thought on my mind...

He was right, damn it!

Twist and turn as I might, I couldn’t get away from the fact that he’d nailed me cold.

You see the truth is I had become complacent. I had forgotten my humble origins and the needs of those who are struggling to make ends meet. I had forgotten that $3,000 is a lot of money to most people. When you’ve made $3,000 or more in one day from trading it’s easy to lose sight of the value of money.

Trading has been very good to me. It’s allowed me to own a riverside penthouse and buy a fully loaded BMW convertible for cash. I fly first and business class, dine in the finest restaurants and stay in 5* luxury wherever I go.

And... it’s made me soft – and yes, a bit arrogant. That letter really touched a nerve (strangely it had more effect than an email would have done. Not sure why.)

Here’s what hit me re-reading the letter... his basic facts are right. Most trading systems (mine included) cost about $2,000 - $3,000 a pop. That’s ‘ouch’ money to most people – but the outlay doesn’t stop there. For some systems you also need a $10,000 ‘betting bank’ to cover any losing positions you might take. So you need about $12,000 if you want to trade seriously. It’s a sign of how detached I’d become from normal life that $12,000 doesn’t sound like a lot of money to me. You can easily make that in a couple of good months trading.

But for many systems out there, that’s not the end of the pain...

You need about forty hours of training (home study or one-on-one) to really get to grips with some systems.

And ... you need an hour or two a day spare time to trade, say in the evenings.

And ... let’s be honest here, you need above average intelligence because there are charts to be interpreted, figures to be compared and sometimes tricky trading decisions to be made. It’s very far from rocket science, but I often forget what a sharp learning curve it can be if you’re unused to reading charts or don’t understand the jargon.

Investing in Your Future

Now I hope you’ll agree that $12k and a week of training is an excellent investment for something which can make you $100k a year in an hour or two a day. But I was forgetting how it was when I started out. There was no way I could have put my hand in my pocket for $12k back then. Actually, even $1,000 would have been a bit of a struggle. Before I started to make serious money from trading the financial markets from home, I was existing on a modest salary and struggling to pay back a huge student loan.

That all seems like a bad dream to me now...

In all honesty he was right to tell me to ‘put up or shut up’. The truth is that I didn’t have anything for him or people in his situation. My systems are pricey and aimed at serious people who want to give up work and trade for a living and make $10k a month or more. I have helped hundreds of such people towards financial freedom and yes, I admit it, I’ve made great money from training them too. It was a win-win for both of us.

Just so you know I get good post too, here’s an email from William Dillon, one of my students:

“Dear Guy
This is just to say I have made $5,100.00 in one week from MGM. Keep up the great work and many thanks.”

William Dillon (London)

I have many similar emails of course and it makes me happy to know I’ve helped so many to achieve financial freedom.

However, the truth is that William paid me a handsome fee to teach him the trading secrets which allowed him to clear $5,100 in one week.

Meanwhile...people with less money were simply not catered for.

And that got me thinking.....

Although there is no real money in it for me (let’s face it, it’s tough to compete with selling my highly acclaimed trading courses at $2,000 - $3,000 a time!) I like a challenge. Here’s what I wrote, word for word, on a piece of paper that morning...

He’s right! Simple system? 10 minutes a day? $300 maximum price? Sell it at cost?

I became really excited by the possibilities. Of course it wasn’t the first time someone had asked me for a ‘no brainer’ system. Naturally I’ve always tried to make my systems quite easy to follow and learn, but this was in a different league. A really simple system – and for under $300???


As it happens, I’d thought about producing such a system from time to time. I’d always wanted to ‘put something back’ into helping others because, truth to tell, I got my trading experience for free – or rather I was paid handsomely to learn it, courtesy of the bank I worked for at the time. Others aren’t so lucky.

However, without boring you, there are a couple of problems with coming up with such a system and they’d stymied me in the past. They are:

  • To make $100k a year you need to be prepared to do an hour or two a day – and whilst not ‘hard’, you do need to be a bit smarter than average.
  • ANY system, even a simple one, requires you look at charts, spot some simple patterns, and make trading decisions based on those patterns.

To come up with “SYSTEM X” (as I started calling it in my mind) I would need to overcome both of those problems.

Here’s what I scribbled down for the specification...


  • Under ten minutes a day to run.
  • $2,000 - $3,000 a month profit.
  • No studying charts and figures!
  • Bog standard PC – nothing fancy. One screen!
  • No expensive software or ‘hidden extras’.
  • Can be done by anyone who can drive a PC and visit a web site.
  • Under $300 to buy.

I pondered on this all day, believing in my heart that a dream list like this just wasn’t possible – I could tick some of those boxes, but all of them? I couldn’t think of a way...

Turnaround Trader ticks all boxes

As it happens I did know of a very simple and successful system which ticked a few of those boxes, but I’d long ago abandoned it because it was rather ‘small beer’ to me. These days I’m not that bothered about something that makes $2k-$3k a month. It’s a bit yawn-worthy. But I now realise many people would kill for this amount of extra cash each month – particularly if they could get it for about ten minutes a day on their PC at home!

Would an extra $2k-$3k a month be useful to you? It’s not life-changing money, I agree, but it certainly allows you to live more comfortably, pay off those debts, buy some ‘toys’ and take some decent holidays.

I think of $2k - $3k a month as ‘play’ money – but I know for many people this cash would be a whole lot more useful than just having fun with!

For many people an extra $3k a month would make all the difference between just ‘getting by’ and enjoying a rather nice lifestyle.

I’ll explain this tried and tested system to you in a moment, but for now you need to know that it completely removes problem #1 – the one or two hours a day spent staring at a screen.

Here’s why...

You see, you DON’T need to do that if you only want three thousand a month. You DO need to do that if you want to make $10k - $20k+ a month as a ‘serious’ trader.

If you’re prepared to settle for $3,000 a month, the time comes down to about 45 minutes a day. Still way too long to meet my specification, but I’ll tell you how I tackled that problem in a moment...

The World’s Simplest Trading System?

So let me reveal the simple trading ‘secret’ that I’ve used many a time to make $250 a day or more. That’s before I got too ‘big and clever’ for such fiddling small change! When I was younger I would pick up 5p if I saw it on the pavement – now I don’t bother. A few years ago I would have been delighted to make $250 a day for under an hour’s work – these days that’s ‘small change’ which I can hardly be bothered to chase.

Using my advanced systems I would be looking to make ten times that for an hour of ‘work’ so you can see why I had largely ‘forgotten’ about this beginner’s system.

$3,000 a Month in Ten Minutes a Day? It CAN be Done!

Okay I’m sure you’ve guessed that how I make all the money I could ever want is to ‘trade the financial markets’.

Although that sounds very fancy and is good for impressing people, it is actually boringly simple. I expect you know how it’s done but just in case you don’t, let me disclose how we ‘traders’ make our money. Then I’ll reveal what is arguably the world’s simplest trading system which you can use to make great money as well.

Here are the simple basics...

Markets go up and down. E.g. shares in BP go up and down as does the FTSE or the DOW. Very simply, traders take positions (place ‘bets’ if you like) on which way a market will go. If they get it right – they win. If they get it wrong – they lose.

This sounds a bit like betting on red or black in a casino doesn’t it? If it was random like that, traders would win about as often as they lose and so we’d break even in the long run.

That’s not the game we play as you will have guessed.

‘Secret’ Signals

You see there are certain ‘secret indicators’ which those in the know can use to predict which way the market is likely to move. It’s rather like being tipped off in a casino that red is 70% likely and black only 30% likely. I think you can see you’d bet on red time after time and make a killing!

And ... that’s all we do. Look at our computers. Watch for signals. Place our bets and bank the cash.

It’s not exciting. It’s not glamorous. In fact it can be boring as hell – but it sure beats working for a living!

What I love about trading is that anyone can learn it, plus you can decide how much you want to make on any given day.

Imagine Making This Fantastic Money AND Enjoying Life – What Could be Better?

The amazing truth is that as a trader you can decide how much money you want – and then make it in arguably the easiest way possible.

I certainly never get tired of making $240, $576, even $750 PER TRADE.

Yes, trading the markets is really the most amazing way of making money. It certainly beats a ‘real job’! After learning a few simple basics you could make up to three grand a month just by tapping a few keys on your PC – and many ordinary people are doing just that.

Here’s another fantastic advantage: You don’t have to work for a modest wage.

You don’t have to jump when the boss says “jump!”


You don’t have to watch your precious life slip by whilst locked into wage slavery.

All this for just looking for a few signals and playing them to your advantage!

Now some of these secret signals are quite complicated – you’d need to master these if you wanted to make big money, say $100k+. But others are child’s play simplicity. A 12-year old could use them to make money. Not a LOT of money – about $2,000-$3,000 a month, as I’ve said before.

Okay, if you’re with me so far, let me reveal the simple signal I have used many times to make money in the past – and then abandoned you can’t get rich from it.

Here’s how it works in practice...

The ‘Turnaround Indicator’ Revealed

As we’ve seen, markets go up and markets go down. Now if a market has been rising for a while, you can get very nervous placing a bet that it will continue to rise. After all, it may be about to run out of steam.

Similarly when a market is falling you can get jumpy about betting it will continue to fall. After all, good news could be around the corner prompting a rally.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew when a market was about to ‘turn around’?

You could place your ‘bet’ with a high degree of probability that the market would turn in your favour – and you could clean up time after time.

Of course you wouldn’t win them all – no system can ever do that. But you would win more often than you lost and that is the basis of a steady income.

Using our casino analogy, if you knew red was 70% likely and black only 30% likely you’d bet time after time on red and never once on black. That doesn’t mean red would always come up of course! But over a reasonable run you would definitely clean up by just betting on red – it’s a total no-brainer.

That’s the basis of this system. If only there was a simple indicator which would tip us off that such a reversal was likely to happen soon, we could pull the casino stunt mentioned above and make lots of lovely money!

Well, you’ll have guessed that there is, in fact, such an indicator. It’s one I have often used to my advantage...

The $3k a Month ‘Secret’ Signal

Secrets Revealed

I call it The Turnaround Indicator. It’s a ‘secret’ signal that a market (e.g. a share price) is about to turn. Take it from me, if you know this, you can make steady money!

If the price of a share or index has been going UP for a while and you see The Turnaround Indicator, it’s a sign the price could be about to turn down. In that case you would bet on it going DOWN and hopefully make a good profit.

You can play this the other way too of course and that’s what makes this system so great – we don’t have to wait ages for the market to go one way before we trade...

So if the price has been going DOWN for a while and you see The Turnaround Indicator, it’s a good sign the price is about to turn up. You would bet on it going UP and hopefully make a good profit again.

I’ll tell you in a moment precisely how you place such bets (it could hardly be simpler).

But first you may be wondering how you get the ‘inside knowledge’ to be able to profit from this indicator for yourself.

Here’s how I used to do it when I was making good money from it in the past...

  1. I’d bring up the chart of the share (e.g. BP).
  2. I would then use a specialist piece of charting software to analyse the graph.
  3. A few clicks of the mouse lets me see if The Turnaround Indicator is present.
  4. If not, it was on to the next share (say British Telecom).
  5. I usually had to look through about 10-20 shares before I spotted a Turnaround Indicator (obviously not every share or index is about to turn around).
  6. I then placed a ‘bet’ as shown by the indicator.

That’s it.

$250 for 45 Minutes ‘Work’!

It would take me about 45 minutes each day and I’d average $250 a day – so pretty good money I think you’ll agree.

Okay, that’s all very exciting, but I hope you’ve spotted a major problem. My specification for SYSTEM X had ‘10 minutes a day’ not ‘45 minutes a day’!

I pondered and scratched my head to see how to get this time down. Using something very clever I did manage to squeeze it down to about 35 minutes – but secretly I knew I was fooling myself.

There was no way this could be done in 10 minutes and I’d be flat out lying if I claimed it could.

10 Minutes Trading Plan

So I was about to abandon the idea and write a humble letter to Mr Godard saying he was right... when I hit upon an amazing solution. It needed a bit of lateral thinking but it meets the ‘ten minute’ rule at a stroke!

I really think you’re going to love this! It’s a fair bit of work for me each day (about an hour) but it’s the only way which meets my specification for System X.

It’s a way in which:

  • You get to use the system to make good profits in just ten minutes a day.
  • You don’t get involved in ANY of the steps 1-5 above (I hope you like that!).
  • The main part of what you do is step 6 – place the ‘bet’. And that takes well under ten minutes.
  • All the money you make – you keep.

Have you guessed what it is?

It’s simplicity itself when you know. Here’s the answer...

I do all the work, not you!

After all, I’ve had years of experience spotting these indicators (not that it’s hard, by the way). I can easily whisk through a load of shares and flag up to you any turnaround indicators. It’s then up to you to decide if you want ‘in’ on that day’s action.

Of course I’ll also show you exactly how to spot the indicator yourself so that you can be totally independent of me if you want.

Does that sound fair enough?

Here, at long, long last, is a way for you to ‘cut your teeth’ on trading without spending $2,000 on a system; without needing $10,000 as a ‘bank’ and without having to pore over complicated charts and figures.

Heck, I’ve even thought of a neat name for it – Turnaround Trader. Pretty good eh? It could certainly turn around your life!

Your New Life as a Profitable Trader

Here’s how you could soon be making a tasty second income if you decide to try Turnaround Trader.

  1. Each day you log onto a special web site (only for insiders) where you will find a list of that day’s Turnaround Indicators all done for you by my good self. I say ‘a list’ because naturally on any given day there will be several shares and indexes which could be about to turn around.
  2. You decide which of them takes your fancy.
  3. You place a ‘bet’ that the market will do what the indicator says it will. This is a few clicks of a mouse on another site which I will tell you about.
  4. Another click of the mouse ensures you can never lose more than the amount you decide in the event the trade goes against you.

And... well... that’s it really. Another tough day’s ‘trading’ under your belt! You might want to check later to see if your bet came good, but you don’t have to – winnings are automatically added to your account.

How does that sound? What I really love about this is that it gets you into the world of trading quickly, easily, at ultra-low risk and with hardly any starting capital. This will be your ‘launch pad’ for becoming a serious $100k a year trader, if that’s what you want of course.

Or you can just stay at this basic level, banking an extra $2,000 - $3,000 a month for ten minutes a day ‘work’.

The choice is entirely yours.

Why am I Doing This?

Okay you’ll have noticed that I have removed the work load from you – and placed it on my own shoulders.

I am the one who will have to look through the shares and indexes and tease out the Turnaround Signal so that I can let you know which trades are available to exploit.

And that will take me a full hour a day to do; so why on earth would I do that as I’m making virtually no money by revealing this system to you?

The answer is not altruism! It is entirely selfish.

You see, I just know you’re going to get hooked on trading once you see how quickly and easily the money flows into your account. I know you’re going to want to expand your education and start trading seriously – getting up to that $100k - $200k a year level.

And I’m hoping you will choose me as your mentor and buy one of my serious (and yes, more expensive) trading systems some way down the line.

Obviously this is entirely up to you, but once you get a taste for the ‘easy money’ compared with working for a living, I’m hoping you will want to invest some more in your education.

That, and the grim satisfaction I get from telling Mr Godard that he’s wrong!

Okay so let’s see if I ticked all the boxes...

Turnaround Trader Check List

  1. Under ten minutes a day to run. YES.
  2. $2,000 - $3,000 a month profit. YES.
  3. No poring over charts and figures! YES I do all that work for you.
  4. Bog standard PC – nothing fancy. One screen! YES – if it runs ‘Windows’ you can profit from this system.
  5. No expensive software or ‘hidden extras’. YES – my advice and the Turnaround Signals are provided to you daily and FOR FREE! (Many systems charge an extra $500-$1,000 a month for these sorts of advisory services).
  6. Can be done by anyone who can drive a PC and visit a web site. YES.
  7. Under $200 to buy. Well, let’s see...

I have to confess this last one is a tough one. My systems are typically $2,000+ to buy and people are delighted to pay that for something which can make them $100k a year from home.

So I’m going out on a limb with this one. $300 is a really low bar to try and get under. I know it seems a lot when you’re the one paying it, but you may not realise that marketing and production costs alone can easily come out to about this amount, making the profits slim or non-existent. Even at $3,000 for a trading system I think you’d be surprised how little of that ends up in my pocket!

But under $300 was the specification, and so that’s what I’m prepared to do.

So, here it is ... $297 – and no VAT to pay whatsoever!

For that you get:

  1. The complete Turnaround Trader system in an easy to follow, step-by-step manual.
  2. FREE access to a secret member’s-only site where you can access the day’s highlighted trades plus a lot of other very useful stuff normally only available to my high fee paying students.
  3. Hand-holding by me (via email) if there’s anything you don’t understand.

Within a few days of receiving The Turnaround Trader, you could be placing your first profitable trade! I promise you this is so easy a 12 year old could do it. There are no charts to ponder over, no figures to calculate, no tricky decisions to take. A few clicks of a mouse and you’re done. Ten minutes was my promise – ten minutes is all it will take.

Look I’m not saying anyone can do this. You need a PC. You need to be comfortable getting onto a web site; you’ll need about $350 in stake money and you need to do the ten minutes a day to place your trades (surprisingly, many people do not have the discipline even to do this!)

Are There Any Guarantees?

Of course! I wouldn’t expect you to invest even this modest sum without having some sort of guarantee. My students will confirm that I always fully back my products. The thing is, I KNOW anyone of average intelligence can make great money from trading just as I have made a small fortune from it. My existing students KNOW it works but I fully understand that you may not yet be convinced.

Which is why I want to offer this cast-iron GUARANTEE:

Guarantee Certificate Top

Your Peace of Mind No-Quibble
Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Examine The Turnaround Trader in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Break open the packaging, read the manual from cover to cover. Visit my insider’s-only site and see how really simple this system is. Try it for yourself! Do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make a great second income in ten minutes a day from a PC in your own home. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return it in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. And that includes if you simply change your mind or have second thoughts for ANY reason.

That’s how certain I am that you are going to love this idea and make it work for you. There is no way I could make such an offer if it didn't do exactly what I claim.

I Want You to be Able to Accept This Offer Knowing That There is NO RISK INVOLVED TO YOU AT ALL

That refund will be sent immediately (same day) we receive your returned package. It doesn't even matter what state the product is in. And I will honour this refund guarantee for a FULL 30-days from the day you receive your order.

I hope that’s put your mind at ease that you can check this out without risking a thing.

Yes! Order NOW!

Amazing FREE Bonuses

At about this stage in the proceedings, the author usually bungs-in a free bonus to tempt you further. The bonus usually does not cost very much to produce.

I am not going to insult you such a ‘bonus’. Instead I am going to offer you THIRTEEN GENUINE bonuses each one of which cost me several thousand pounds to produce!

Why on earth would I do that?

The answer is that I want you to become a ‘proper’ trader rather than a dabbler. That way you can make some really serious money. To do that I’ll need to take you by the hand and guide you along the path. Once you realise that $3k a month in ‘small beer’ I know you’re going to want to learn more.

So I have created a series of ABSOLUTELY FREE bonuses which I will send you every few days once you have applied for Turnaround Trader. I have no space to go into these bonuses now but I promise you that you are going to be blown away by the value you will get.

You’ll also get my private contact details for any questions you may have – that’s how committed I am to your training.

It greaves me to see people struggling to get through this recession when $2k-$3k a month is there for the taking. I can’t promise you millions. I know $3k a month is not life-changing money. To make more you’ll have to get your sleeves rolled up and learn to trade properly via one of my more expensive courses. But The Turnaround Trader really allows you to get started and gives you the confidence that you CAN make money trading the financial markets at home.

Here at last is a genuine and sensibly priced system from a respected trader who walks the talk.

Isn’t it time you started to explore other ways of making money than the way you’ve been doing it until now? If you’ve considered trading but were put off by the high price tag and the complexity, then this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. A chance to ‘learn the trade’ for under $300! Those chances do not come along very often!

If you are serious about a nice second income, then please do not delay. CLICK HERE to order your copy of Turnaround Trader – and soon you will be joining the thousands of ordinary men and women making a very nice second income from the comfort of their own homes as part time traders.

I look forward to welcoming you into the world of profitable trading!


Best Regards

Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen

PS STOP PRESS. Since writing this I’ve had this email from Mr Godard. “Hi Guy. On my first 5 trades I have made $856. It’s a start. Cheers mate.”

$856 for 5 x 10 minutes ‘work’ and “It’s a start?” Sheesh, there’s no pleasing some people!!

Yes! Order NOW!