If That Makes You Hopping Mad, It's Time to Get Your Own Back! Claim £3,900.00+ Per Month in 'Bailout Cash' of Your Own!
And Get This ... Every Penny Comes Courtesy of The Scheming Banks!!!

Sweet Revenge, or What?

Dear Fellow Revenge Seeker,

I'm furious and appalled at the greedy banking system and corruption which rewards their incompetence.

Here's a truly SCARY figure ... 850 BILLION pounds* of YOUR money and MY money handed over to the bungling fools to bail them out for their crass errors.
(* Source: National Audit Office)

Oh yes, and to stuff into their back pockets. On average an extra £700,000 a year on TOP of their fat salary cheques. That certainly helps with those 'little luxuries' they've gotten used to.

Richard Snook, of the Centre for Economics and Business Research, predicts Bankers' Bonuses will rise to £4.1billion in 2010, £5.2billion the following year and £5.5billion in 2012.

Daily Mail

Disgraced RBS Chief Fred Goodwin walks off with £2.8 million tax-paid lump sum and a £342,500 annual pension. RBS is now propped up with 20 BILLION quid of our money, and yet will pay over One BILLION Pounds in bonuses this year!

"My first trade made 15% and on my second trade I DOUBLED MY MONEY!'
A Eder (Washington)

Meanwhile, thrifty hard-working folk are struggling to pay basic bills and groaning under a crippling taxation burden to pay for this lot.

What's to do ...?

Most people sit back and gaze helplessly at this orgy of greed and incompetence.

Not me! I'm a believer in the maxim "Don't get mad ... get even".  As you're about to see, I am uniquely placed to exact my financial revenge on the banks.

And the great news is ...

... You Can Join Me and Grab Your Own, Totally Legal, 'Bailout Bonus'!

If pocketing £3k - £4k+ a month for punching a few keys on your PC seems a bit too easy, well, just think of it as your money coming back home where it belongs – in your pocket.

You may not feel the same, but I don't have the slightest conscience about reclaiming this cash from the Banks, let me tell you.

So ...

If an Extra Grand a Week Would Come in Handy, and You Only Have 30 Minutes to Spare Each Evening, This Could be PERFECT For You!

It's been a while since I've been this excited about something. You see, I've found the most stunningly simple way of making serious money from your PC in under half an hour a day.

I'd like to share this with you and a small 'Inner Circle' of other wealth-seekers.

And here's the good news. To profit from this ...

  • You don't need skill.
  • You don't need luck.
  • You don't need experience, education or qualifications.

But here's what you DO need:

  • A desire to make some serious money (without too much work).
  • A degree of anger about what's been happening in the economy and a desire to get your own back, not lie down and take it.
  • A willingness to follow my very simple, step-by-step instructions.
  • A PC with broadband.

Oh, I should say you need ALL of the above, so if you can't put four big, fat ticks next to the items on that list, then this possibly isn't for you.

Guy Cohen

Four ticks? Great, let's continue and I'll reveal what I've uncovered so that you can start cashing-in straight away ...

I'm Guy Cohen, creator of the worldwide acclaimed Flag-Trader trading system and author of three bestselling trading books (check me out on Amazon). My current clients include the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Euronext, the biggest stock exchange in the world, and the Financial Times.

I've traded the markets with phenomenal success. My research tools are among the most sought after in the world which is why I've just celebrated my eighth anniversary servicing NYSE Euronext as my client.

"Using Guy Cohen's online software and education tools I took my account from $10,000 to $140,000. During that time I've also discovered that he's a helpful man who is genuinely interested in his students succeeding."

Abraham A (Virginia)



My passion these days is helping newcomers get into trading – and helping part-time traders make more money. I hold many testimonials from my highly satisfied students (I'll share some of them with you here).

What I LOVE about trading is you can decide how much you want to make on any given day.  And I also love hearing back from my students who have succeeded by using my strategies.  You could say I teach people how to be in control of their lives. 

Imagine Making This Fantastic Money AND Enjoying Life – What Could be Better?!

The amazing truth is … as a trader you can decide how much money you want from this – and then make it – in arguably the easiest way possible.

I certainly never get tired of making £240, £576, even £750 PER TRADE – which takes a maximum of thirty minutes an evening.

Care to join me? Well now you can – thanks to my fury at the banks.

You see when the banking collapse started to happen, like many people I stared in utter shock at the scale of the incompetence which unfolded. I expected heads to roll, bonuses to be slashed and top executives to be thrown out on the steps with their briefcases tossed contemptuously after them.

So what happened?

  • Nobody important was fired.
  • Bungling executives were handed millions of pounds and fat pensions for life.
  • Bonuses were trimmed by a mere 10% - and then only until the suckers (that's me and you, in case you hadn't guessed!) have got bored and drifted off to a sexier news story.

The government printed TWO HUNDRED BILLION of worthless paper cash for starters and injected it into the economy (oh, by the way, that act alone will diminish the value of any savings you have, meaning the government has effectively raided your savings account. How do you feel about that?)

Normally I'm a relaxed guy (really, I am) but I found myself getting steamed-up and thumping the table in polite company.

I Was Heading For a Heart Attack if I Didn't Watch Myself!

So I started to wonder ... How could I get my own personal revenge AND make a huge profit for myself and my students?

Well, one evening about nine months ago, I was crunching numbers and graphs for stocks in the financial sector - specifically the banking stocks (yes, I know I should get out more ... but I LOVE this stuff!). Suddenly I began to notice a subtle pattern that was emerging, something I can only describe as a 'flurry of trading activity'

"Holy Cow!  You were spot on about the volatile markets, Guy - I'm very very impressed!!!!"
James Alliss (Bristol)

It seemed that when one financial institution made a big move, the others would follow suit some time afterwards. But get this ... the original is completely invisible to 99.9% of traders out there, but the big banks can't hide their moves from me.

The only reason I could see it was because of the millions of lines of data I personally collect and analyze. More about this later ...

I had a powerful realisation at that very moment. If I could follow this 'Forensic Trail' of SERIOUS money then I could climb on board with them – and clean up! The phrase that popped into my head was "The big boys trade the big boys."

"I trebled my account from £2,560 to £7,956.75 in just one month!"
Richie S (Manchester)

I had no idea why that phrase came to mind. But it was the beginning of an astonishing insight which would allow me and my selected students to get our personal revenge on the banks – and pocket huge profits.

The upshot was that over the next few months of painstaking work I created something remarkable which I want to share with you ...

You CAN 'Anticipate' The Market

Some people say that stock movements are random and you can't predict the market. Well, that's only half the story. If that were true then nobody would be able to trade the stock market for a profit, and yet there are thousands of traders out there cleaning up to the tune of £100k+ a year.

No, far from random, we traders make our money by looking for certain market patterns – indicators if you like – which will tip us off about future moves. Some traders are 'okay' at it and make a modest living. Some are average and some are good – savvy enough to make £100K+ a year.

There's even more money to be made IF you can discover a new signal in the market – and that's exactly what I do in order to help myself and others make the serious money.

Okay, back to the phrase "the big boys trade the big boys". What does that have to do with the profit-party I'd like you get in on?

Well, over the next few days it became clear to me that the banks and financial institutions were leaving great big elephant footprints from their trading activities but these tracks could only be seen by a tiny number of professionals in the know.

But guess what?  Because I've been collecting data for many years, I realised that I could now see exactly what was going on ...

For me it was like they were displaying a 100 metre high sign saying:

Now, that is a big signpost!  But most traders are in the dark and so it's virtually impossible to read it in the dark UNLESS you have a pair of 'Night Vision Goggles'! And that's exactly what I've created ...

I could suddenly see that my unique knowledge allowed me to read these signs and this was now giving me a HUGE trading advantage, particularly in this sector.

And remember ... it was only my fury at the banking sector which motivated me to look tirelessly at how the big boys trade. Hardly anyone in the world can do this. I was uniquely placed to see what they were up to (I'll explain why in a moment) and even top traders would have been blind to the banks' covert trading activities. As I started to let my closest trading students in on this secret, they were astounded as my bank predictions became more and more uncannily accurate.

Covering Their Tracks

You see, the banks are very sneaky and go to great lengths to cover their tracks. This means that normal traders cannot spot the 'under the radar' action just by looking at share prices. If it were that easy, everyone would be making the profits I and my students can now enjoy.

Here's how I made this startling discovery ...

I'm obsessed by the markets, and have developed some amazing tools to help me and my select group of students trade with more confidence, more excitement and more security. But as good as these tools are - and they are seriously good what I've just come up with now beats the lot - in fact, it's a complete game-changer.

Okay, what's my secret? Well, first realise I'm talking only about the huge financial institutions - banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, investment houses etc.

These financial giants are constantly buying and selling shares in other companies. But here's what's so different about them ...

  1. They buy HUGE quantities of stock at a time. When they take a position in a stock, they're pouring in tens of millions each time. This has implications as you will see ...
  2. They frequently take positions in EACH OTHER'S STOCK. That's what the phrase which popped into my head meant. "The big boys trade the big boys". Banks and financial institutions are fond of buying huge swathes of stock in ... other banks and financial institutions.

Got that? I mean, it makes sense when you think about it. These vast institutions aren't going to take modest positions in mediocre companies. They have hundreds of millions to invest. They're also lazy. It's a lot of work to invest in, and keep track of, hundreds of different mid-range stocks. They're not interested in that. But if they get a sniff that (say) Lloyds or JP Morgan is ready for a move up, they'll pile in to that BIG time and hope to clean up.

So far so good. Now here's the real Insider Secret ...

  1. Because of the sheer size of their funds it can take them weeks to build a position in a stock, so to speed up the process, they create positions UNDER THE RADAR in the derivatives market – i.e. in stock options.

My own US trading account:

From $14,501 to $187,641 in just six months.

Abe's trading account:

From $10,000 to $140,000 in just two years.

Now, don't worry about the specifics here, but I hope you've figured that if hundreds of millions were quickly poured into any stock then the price would immediately sky-rocket within seconds! In fact it would start to move way before they'd got all their money on the horse and they wouldn't be able buy the remainder at the low price they wanted.

It's fine to buy a load of shares if their buying is so small it doesn't move the price. But if their activity is so large that it shifts the price then two things would happen:

  1. They couldn't buy the stock cheaply anymore (bad news for them).
  2. The world and their dog would see the banks' activities, and would therefore copy them, pushing the price even higher, and thereby making further acquisitions too costly (more bad news for them).

... And that, my friend, would mean the end of big trading profits for the fat cats and big banks. So you won't be surprised to learn that's NOT what they do!  And crucially, that's why you can't see their manoeuvres just by watching a share price chart ... But I CAN see their manoeuvres, and if you want to, SO CAN YOU!

I'm not going to reveal exactly how they cover their tracks as I don't want to get in trouble (and luckily we can still make money even without my disclosing it) but let's just say they sneakily use the derivatives market to gradually build their position in a stock they're interested in.

Exposed! The Cheater's Market!

So, Here's How It Works (in as much detail as I dare reveal):

A LOT of trades are 'hidden' in the derivatives market – which used to be known as 'The Cheater's Market' by the way! For example, Bernard Madoff was able to disguise $45 BILLION in losses using the confusion and smoke-screen of this secondary market.

I don't want to get too technical, but a lot of institutions are also forbidden to 'go short' on a stock (bet on it going down). But there are vast profits to be had in shorting certain markets and there's no way they're going to lose out on this cash. So they lurk in the derivatives market and buy something called 'PUTS'.

Don't worry if this means nothing to you, what we're doing has nothing to do with options anyway. All you need to know is that I've developed an Indicator (called the OVI) which can See the "Hidden Money" being traded by the Banks ... 

The OVI is Like Snapping on a Pair of Night-Vision Goggles Whilst the Burglars Are Sneaking Around in the Dead of Night.

Cracking Vault

We're Literally Catching Them Red-Handed!!!

Please understand this is a VERY sophisticated piece of software– that's why it's taken my top programmers nine full months to do it. But it's utterly simple to use. We've done all the slog so that you don't have to. 300 million lines of data – crunched down to a simple yes/no indicator! It's truly awesome.

Now you can get its raw power working for you when you buy Trade The Banks – my brand new 'Revenge Toolkit' aimed at stuffing your account with as much money as you want - Courtesy of the Finance Houses.

So Simple To Use

I've given you a little background on how I came up with this, but please understand there is nothing technical or difficult in using it.  If you can point and click a mouse, you're in.

If you have NEVER traded before in your entire life, then Trade The Banks is just perfect for you as I assume NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE. If you're an experienced trader you can 'fast forward' through the basics and be prepared to be blown away when I show you how to use the OVI to 'forensically' reveal what the big boys are planning. I'll bet you'll be nodding to yourself saying: "Yes, I can really do this!"

Here's how it works in practice. Using this system is about as easy as it gets ...

  1. You log into a special Members-only website for which I will give you the private URL and password. No trawling through thousands of stocks – I'll show you how to select the hot stocks and where movement is likely to happen soon.
  2. Pick a stock you fancy - look at the chart and check for a simple pattern. Please don't worry about this. In the video tutorial DVDs you'll receive with Trade The Banks, I will walk you through this step-by-step. It's total child's play. If you trade already you'll know how easy this part is and won't need convincing.
  3. Now here's the impressive secret weapon ...

  4. If you see a pattern, one click brings up the OVI for confirmation. Then trade it and watch the money roll in.  (If you've never done it before, 'trading the stock' is just a few more mouse clicks. Again, I'll walk you through it on the training videos. If you're in the UK you can spread-bet this too!)

I'd like to say it was a lot more complex than that, but the truth is, it isn't!  Most days you're done in ten minutes.  On a busy day you'll have be playing at your PC for maybe 30 minutes.

What a hard life!

Now here are some other amazing features of TradeThe Banks which makes this arguably the most exciting system currently available:

  • We do not trade in advance of any move.  Instead ...
  • We trade when the market has already revealed its direction.
  • On the odd occasion that the market doesn't make the anticipated move, we don't lose. (If you trade already, you'll be amazed by this!)
  • When we DO win, the amount can be unlimited!
  • If we lose, we can only lose small amounts.

This is as Easy as Buying on eBay

If you've ever bought something on a website like Amazon or eBay then you'll certainly have no problem with executing these trades.

You'll be using an investment tool that's awesomely powerful, but as easy to use as making a purchase online.

Follow exactly what I tell you in Trade The Banks and soon (actually VERY soon – this weekend if you get your skates on) YOU could be the one banking hundreds of pounds per trade!

I honestly believe that you can make a small fortune from trading but only if you have ...

  • The right tools.
  • The right technique.
  • Someone to stand behind you and guide you towards these big profits

I'm going to give you all that and more when you buy Trade The Banks.

Imagine if YOU Had a Proven Way of Making Thousands Each Month For Relatively Little WORK!

You'd see your future changing in front of you – maybe resigning from your job; debts melting away; financial worries fading. Then … the slow realisation that you could step into an easier, wealthier life.

I'm not talking millions here, but the sort of tasty lifestyle that an EXTRA £50,000 + a year can bring you. (By the way, there is virtually NO CEILING to the amount you could earn. It depends how much time you want to devote to your trading.)

That's what Trade The Banks can do for you.

And the Bonus is the 'Sweet Revenge' you will be getting on those greedy, incompetent Banks and Financial Institutions.

A Word About Trading

'Trading' sounds very high-brow doesn't it? It's certainly useful to impress people at parties if they ask what you do! Yet it's very easy to understand – I've proved that by showing all kinds of people how to do this. Thousands of people from all walks of life.

My students have collectively made fortunes as a result of learning my trading secrets.

"Dear Guy,
This is just to say I have made £3,400.00 in one week from MGM. Keep up the great work and many thanks."

William Dillon (London)

It really is the most remarkable way of making money and I'm the envy of my friends and family. They work 40+ hours a week in jobs they can't stand and are puzzled about how I've made five times the money they do - in under thirty minutes a day!

I can do this (and so can you) because of my powerful software crunching away behind the scenes. Without those algorithms and raw computing power it would be very time consuming and tedious to do – almost impossible in fact. Remember, the software crunches 300 MILLION lines of data every day ... to make life easy for YOU!

All the Work is Done For You, Leaving You With Virtually Nothing to do. Talk About the Lazy Way to Trade! This is Surely it.

I certainly don't want to spend hours on my trading, and I'm sure you don't either. Once you understand the inside secrets and have access to this powerful OVI tool, all you really need is about 30 minutes a day – the computer does everything else for you.

That's what should really excite you as much as it excites me. This is the very opposite of taking risks. In fact, if you will simply follow my instructions to the letter, there need be hardly any risk at all.

For the first time ever, what this means is ...

  • You don't have to select a stock from thousands –we focus on a select few stocks mainly from just ONE sector (the Financial sector).
  • You don't have to spend hours poring over complex charts.
  • You don't need to agonise about WHEN to make your move.
  • You don't need to wait for complex signals.
  • We trade with simple rules to ensure we trade safely, take some profits early and ride the rest for as long as possible.

Just log onto my Member's Only website. Have a quick look at the chart (a few mouse clicks) then click for the OVI.  You'll then recognize just like:

Trading with Traffic Lights

What could be simpler?

So, if you want 'in' on the action you can get started straight away with my exciting new package called Trade The Banks.

Here's what you get:

  • Four special Video DVDs

    These are fun and easy to watch – far simpler than slaving over a manual. Just pop them into your PC and sit back and relax. I'll walk you through the entire process from start to finish. One of my students told me his 12 year old daughter could do this, so please DON'T WORRY about this being complicated. It's not at all. You will be astonished by how easy this is. It's suitable for complete novices too.

    Remember the 'secret key' to making this money is the OVI – the indicator I have developed which exposes which 'big boys' the 'big boys' are trading! So included in with the package is:

  • A 12 month subscription to the Member's Only website and unlimited use of the unique OVI indicator during that period.

    Now although I've gone to a lot of trouble to make this child's play, and to put everything onto the video CDs to make it easy and fun for you, I do understand from long experience that many people want access to the 'man behind the plan'. Fair enough.

    Ask yourself how many creators of 'trading systems' are willing to be contacted after you've parted with your money?

    Um ... NONE AT ALL that I know of – although I'm willing to be corrected. Could it be because their systems don't really work as advertised?  Perhaps.

    But that's not my style. Unlike other systems you may have seen, I won't be leaving you high and dry once you've made your purchase. I'll be there every step of the way to guide you to your own personal fortune.

    My thousands of students can testify to the fact that I've always been there for them, holding their hands when needed. That's why I'm happy to offer you:

  • Three months of my Private Tutorial Club webinars plus unlimited 'hand holding' in the unlikely event that something is not clear once you receive my package.

"It's like having personal tuition with Guy himself. I've gained 2 years of experience watching Guy go through all those trades with me on the CDs"

H Batson

How's that for a deal?

I hope you're starting to get just a little bit excited about what's on offer here. This is what you've been searching for.

From Now on You Could Belong to That Elite Group of People Who Have Money, Enjoy Life and Don't Work Very Hard!

In society there are two kinds of people – the haves and the have-nots. This has always been the case throughout history from the Roman Empire to the present day. And I suspect it always will be the case.

There are those who just get by. There are those who do a lot more than just get by. That's just how it is. The question is, which group do YOU want to be in?

Perhaps you've always thought you had to struggle to make a modest wage and that 'easy money' was just too good to be true. Yet, with respect, you know this is not the case. Just look at all those wealthy bankers and dealers driving top-flight cars and living in 6-bedroom houses in leafy suburbs. How hard do you imagine they actually work for their 6-figure incomes?

For a lot of them – not very.

You could struggle on as you have been, working hard and not getting the money you'd like.  OR … you can try a different way – a better and easier way of making several times the money you've been used to. And it's a great buzz too!

My Secret OVI Signal Gives You an Unfair Advantage

At last you really can make a large amount of money from just a small 'bet'

Get this right (as some of my students have with my methods) and in 3 months you could treat yourself to a top class holiday Courtesy of the Banks (I recently treated myself to a brand new top-of-the-line BMW convertible in cash!).  After that, why not ...

… Pay Off Your Mortgage. Clear Your Debts. Start Living the Sort of Life You've Maybe Only Dreamed About. Others Have Done it, Why Not You?

Tough Life

And it's not just about filling your own boots with cash (although I admit I enjoy that!) it's about helping others too. Imagine having enough to help out friends and family if you want to.

All of this and more is possible with Trade The Banks.

I expect you've been wondering about the cost involved in getting your hands on this brand-new system?

Let me clear this up right now ...

During the time I've been training people to make super profits from trading, I've thought about various payment plans. For example, I've considered asking for a percentage of profits made by my students. Although this is the most profitable option for me (amounting to tens of thousands of pounds per student) I knew this would be a nightmare. Imagine if I had to pester you for monthly trading statements and then issue you with an invoice each month – and chase you for payment. Neither of us would have enjoyed that!

Then I tried charging the correct one-off fee for the training and software - £5,000. That was fine except it seriously restricted the number of people who could afford my inside knowledge. It's more than many people are willing to invest without first proving to themselves that the system works.

So I have finally settled on a formula which is fair. Here it is and I hope you approve.

You Keep ALL Your Trading Profits!

All I ask is a low payment of £697 (+VAT) up-front. No percentage of profits. No reporting to me. Everything you make you keep.  This makes it really simple and straightforward for us both – and I hope affordable for you. 

Remember, I'm giving you the first 12 months access to the amazing OVI for FREE.  You only pay for the tuition, and the first 12 months online software license is on me. That way you'll have loads of time to totally convince yourself that this really does work.

I want you to experience the raw cash-generating potential of this for yourself for a full year before you part with any more money. I hope that's fair for you. Believe me, it is unbelievable value for knowledge that could make you 80 TIMES this amount each year! All you need is £697 (+VAT) to get your hands on Trade The Banks NOW.  All your lifetime earnings from the system are yours to keep no matter how much you make over how many years.

There are no catches, gimmicks or hidden agenda – it's a straightforward, honest deal and I hope you are keen to get started.

Yes! Order NOW!

Are There Any Guarantees?

Of course! I wouldn't expect you to invest even this modest sum without having some sort of guarantee. My students will confirm that I always fully back my products. The thing is, I KNOW anyone of average intelligence can make great money from trading just as I have made a small fortune from it. My existing students KNOW it works (see all the testimonials) but I fully understand that you may not yet be convinced.

Which is why I want to offer this cast-iron GUARANTEE to you:

Guarantee Certificate Top

Your Peace of Mind No-Quibble Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Examine Trade The Banks in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Break open the packaging, watch the training sequences on the video DVDs, do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make an excellent living in a few hours per month from a PC in your own home. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the course in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. And that includes if you plain simply change your mind or have second thoughts for ANY reason

That's how certain I am that you are going to love this course and make it work for you. There is no way I could make such an offer if it didn't do exactly what I claim.

I Want You to be Able to Accept This Offer Knowing That There is NO RISK INVOLVED TO YOU AT ALL

That refund will be sent immediately (same day) we receive your returned package. It doesn't even matter what state the package is in. And I will honour this refund guarantee for a FULL 30-days from the day you receive your order.

You can watch the whole package I send you as many times as you like. Open it up. Pop in the training DVDs, sit back and enjoy yourself.

You Can Even 'Virtual Trade' my Method to Really PROVE The Profit Power of This Technique - Without Risking a Penny!

Take advantage of my training. Take advantage of my OVI software. And then put the method to the test using what's known as 'virtual trading' with no risk whatsoever.

If you don't find that you have an unfair advantage and steady winners (which I assure you, you will), then you'll have the safety of immediately asking me for a refund.

That means: Nothing risked – but a whole lot to gain.

Okay, I hope that has put your mind at rest.

In the interests of full disclosure I also want to prove what I say. If you know me already, you won't need to read this next section. But from experience I know this will end up in the hands of some people who have never heard of me or the amazing results I get with my students.

I remember receiving a blunt email from one recipient which just said:

"Guy, Show Me The Money!"

Okay, that's blunt, but I knew where he was coming from as so many people CLAIM to have the Holy Grail of trading, but their profits simply don't match those claims. So here are some numbers from just ONE of my trading accounts ...

My profit from one of my trading accounts

From $14,501 to $187,641.47 in Just 5 Months!!

Here's the monthly breakdown:

Month 1 $17,074
Month 2 $75,556
Month 3 $21,289
Month 4 $15,162
Month 5 $44,059

That's a Total Profit of $173,140.00 in Only Five Months!!

"I trebled my account from £2,560 to £7,679.98 in the month June"

Richie S (Manchester)

I think it's important that you know I'm not just some 'theorist' who knows all about the markets, but has never placed a trade in his life. I've been placing REAL trades with REAL money making REAL profits for many years.

That's why I get to travel so much and have such a wonderful life, exploring new cultures and having such adventures.  It's also why I'm retained by top institutions such as the New York Stock Exchange.

But more importantly ...

My Best Students Have Also Made Fortunes as a Result of Studying my Work!

Take a look at some of their results...

This student TREBLED his account in just ONE SINGLE MONTH (tax free of course!)

That's a Total Gain of 211% or Three Times His Money in Just One Month!!!

Student Trebled account in one single month
Starting Balance £2,559.99  
Week 1   £1,265.43
Week 2   £748.72
Week 3   £1,388.09
Week 4   £1,994.52

And there are many more examples like this from people using my methods ...

First 10 Trades All Winners!

"Hi Guy, using the Trade The Banks Software our first TEN trades were ALL profitable! 10 out of 10 - you've really started something here!"

Derek & Yvonne Goddard (Ashford)

$23,500 in six weeks!

"In under six weeks I've doubled my money from $26,500 to over $50,000. I can wholeheartedly recommend your course to anyone ... May God bless you!"

Rick Hildon (Berkshire)

$130,000 Profit!

"Using Guy Cohen's online software and education tools I took my account from $10,000 to $140,000. During that time I've also discovered that he's a helpful man who is genuinely interested in his students succeeding."

Abraham A (Virginia)

200% Profit in ONE MONTH!

"I trebled my account from £2,560 to £7,679.98 in the month of June"

Richie S (Manchester)

£80,000 Profit in SIX MONTHS!

"So far I've been able to increase my portfolio by £80,000 in 6 months with your techniques!!!"

H Khan (Yorks)

These are just a few examples ... there's EVEN MORE proof that I walk the talk in the testimonials later.

Okay enough talk ...

Yes! Order NOW!

It's Decision Time

Hopefully I've said enough to convince you. I could go on and on about the fabulous wealth-creating potential of this and the great feeling you'll have sticking it to the banks ... but I'd only be repeating myself. It's time now for you to get a share of this for yourself.

Now really is a fabulous time to get into trading the banks. Armed with the OVI you'll be like a lion at the waterhole waiting to pounce! Hardly ANYONE knows this stuff – and that means terrific profits for those of us who do.

This stuff isn't rocket science. I'm just an ordinary guy who's taught exactly these techniques to thousands of novices. They're easy to learn – and my unique OVI supercharges the results whilst minimising the effort.

How hard can it be? If you can drive a computer and access the Internet – then you can do this even if you've never traded in your entire life.

I've set the price of this course at a ridiculously low level, just to ensure that the cost is not an issue for you. Soon you could be sitting at your PC watching in amazement as trade after trade comes good and your bank account keeps growing. There is no reason at all why you shouldn't start trading by this time next week.

I look forward to receiving your order and rushing your package to you.

Best Regards

Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen

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PS.  It really is possible to pay yourself monthly three grand 'Bailout Bonuses' courtesy of the greedy banks! And you can do this regardless of your skill, education or previous experience. I could teach a child to do this.

PPS.  Contrary to anything you may have read, the risk is very small and always known exactly in advance. Your profit potential is unlimited however.

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Need More Information? Read This!

If you're new to this I expect you have 101 questions which are bubbling in your mind. I have tried to answer some of these below, but don't worry as everything is explained on the course and you will receive full support when you start to Trade The Banks. You won't be left high and dry.

Q: I’m totally new to this and have never traded. Is this right for me?

A: It could even be an advantage. You will have no preconceived ideas and will make a better student. The video training DVDs take you from the basics right through to the full Trade The Banks system.

Q: Guy, you’re known for your work in options. Is this an options trading course?

A: NOThis is a purely stock trading method. I taught it to a few select students, they’ve made very good money from it, and it’s so much easier than options trading methods that they actually prefer it!

Q: Can I spread-bet with this method if I’m based in the UK?

A: YES, absolutely. The course even contains an educational spread-betting module.

Q: How do I actually place my trade?

A: Easy. On the Internet. It’s as easy as buying a book from Amazon. A couple of clicks and you’re done.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: A decent PC and a phone line with broadband. That’s it.  Our software is all online and there's NOTHING to download!

Q: How much time does it take?

A: 20-30 minutes a day (once you’ve got the hang of it, of course.). Many days there will be nothing to do.

Q: Can I trade all year around?

A: Yes you can. It’s really a question of deciding how much money you want. Think of this as your own personal ATM! (But it takes 20 minutes to get the cash out!). Take it easy. Enjoy yourself. The system is working for you.

Q: Do I have to make a lot of complicated calculations?

A: None at all! The ‘donkey work’ is done for you by special, private-access software only available to Trade The Banks students.

Q: Is this risky? Could I lose a lot of money?

A: Absolutely not. If you follow me, this is one of the least risky trading methods you could ever find. As you watch the DVDs and practice for real, you’ll understand exactly how and why my specific method is so sound. I have NEVER encountered anyone who has lost a large amount in a single trade, trading like this. In certain cases you can even enter GUARANTEED protective measures to ensure nothing untoward occurs and I cover that in the course.

Q: Is it really possible to give up work and make a good living from this?

A: Yes, this is possibleI have clients who do it and are living proof. You no longer have to work hard, 50+ hours a week, just to make a meagre wage.

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Now Read This – But Only if You're Still Undecided

If I haven't managed to convince you about my many delighted students, take a look at what other people have to say after studying with me. These are REAL letters from REAL people trading REAL money with my systems.  Note, some of these testimonials are from before the time I created the OVI, since which time my systems are now even better!  

Guy - with the help of your tools and disciplines I was able to realize a 125% profit since March. Thanks for staying in touch and for your emails.

T Gee

From November to January, following Guy's webinar, I followed his adjustment to the letter and my paper profits have soared to 57.55% pa - and that's even with the markets being choppy.

I have to say I'm impressed, not just because of the method itself, but also because of the fact that Guy is prepared to introduce adjustments in line with the market's behaviour. Yet he stays completely true to the method.

J Wells

Hi Guy

Just wanted to drop you a quick email, to let you know the success I have had at this early stage.  I managed to get in on LCC and am currently still in JNPR which has currently yielded me just under 10% and still going strong.  The course and software and processes are first class and explained in such a way that even I could understand it with ease.  

Thanks again


I do like the support and trading materials, especially webinars,  available to members.  Surely this must make your site the best in the business!

Best wishes


Hi Guy just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how well your system is working for me.

Things sparked into life a couple of weeks ago with several lovely patterns. Here are a few of my trades

  • AIR sold @ 18.60 still in the trade having taken 50% profits
  • RYL sold @ 26.93 still in trade taken 50% profit
  • CTX coiled spring sold @ 17.46 again still in trade after taking profits
  • NM sold @ 11.15 profits taken still in trade
  • EK sold @ 15.20 still in trade another flag now forming so may enter again
  • RMBS entered on a break below 200 ma hopefully this will move my way
  • AIG sold @ 37.89 still in the trade after profit taking
  • LEH entry @ 34.36 still in trade having taken nice profits around 28
  • ADM entry below 37.86 !!!!!!!
  • KEY Sold @ 18.62 !!!!!!
  • TEN Sold @ 23.65 profits taken still in trade
  • UVV sold @ 49.54. This one may get out but there are even better opportunities at present.

In this period I have had just 2 losing trades.

I tend to look for the easily identifiable patterns as you suggested and it works for me.  I started with a fairly small bank and have increased it to date by around 140%.  My maximum risk per trade is 3% and I hope eventually to get this down to 1% as my pot grows.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Richie S (Manchester)

Dear Guy,

Just thought I write in to let you know how I'm doing with trading your systems.

I've taken $20,000 in under six weeks to $38,000 on one account and I've taken $6,500 to just over $12,000 on my second account.

I can whole heartedly recommend to anyone doing the course from the trading guru Guy Cohen.

If anyone is serious about earning a living or wanting to achieve financial independence it's a MUST for them to take a closer look at what Guy Cohen has to offer.  I have tried and worked with so many so called professionals -- none of them come close to GUY, he truly is a real expert in his field and a real genius at creating super simple/ super successful trading strategies, which are backed by his ongoing support to help newcomers succeed.

Wishing you and all new traders the very best.

May god bless you!

Rick Hildon (London)

The training is absolutely brilliant. You are making an immense change to my mindset, skills and the way I am trading. Keep up the amazing work.

Bill D

Biggest gain so far today. Up 90% in 2 days! Tempted to let it all run but I'll take off half (as you taught me) and let the rest run.

D Sparling

Hi Guy, I would just like to pass on my thanks to the system you have created. Recently I have been spending my Sunday evenings looking through the trades and during the past two weeks I have sold short 8 different stocks and made an averaged return of 18%!!  I currently still hold 4 of them and all 4 are going in the right direction again today! Perfect!  Many thanks again.  Kind regards.

C Howard

Yesterday I traded, following my new trading plan. ADM up 67%. RECN up 25%. My deepest thanks to you for your guidance.

Bill D

Yesterday I traded, following my new trading plan.  ADM up 67%.  RECN up 25%. My deepest thanks to you for your guidance.

Bill D

Firstly, let me say that I am very happy with my investment. In the last couple of months I'm up 25% exploiting flag patterns and feeling confident that I can do better as time goes by.

David S

Hello Guy, just thought I'd share my outstanding trades with you over the last few days: WLP gain $2,270; CELL gain $360; CWTR gain $110.  Kind regards. 

M Robertson

Dear Guy, my son and I only started trading in the middle of January.  On a recent trade we made a profit of 111% on SIRF and to date, after three weeks we are $751 up.  A useful start!  Thank you again for your expert tuition.

K Forward

The system is an absolute revelation.  Keep up the great work.

Richie S

Guy, I made a note of some stocks that I felt had good breakout potential.  CTV, CELG and ATVI are just three stocks that I was watching.  Well all three broke out.  I had to drop you an email to say what you have created here looks like the best software I've ever seen for choosing these stocks – this is truly amazing stuff Sir.  Guy this really is a very powerful method you have here and I'm very grateful to be a part of this.  Keep up the excellent work and have a great Christmas.  All the best.

J Alliss

I can categorically say that I am having some outstanding success with your system.  I look at the markets in a completely different way to how most people do and again would like to thank you for sharing this with me.

Neil Blake

I have attended various courses having learnt various ways of trading the markets.  Up until now I didn't realize how successful a particular strategy could be.  If you are serious about trading I suggest you buy the course, it has certainly changed my life.

Melvin Green

I would like to thank you for the incredible tools.  In the past, I have lost several thousand pounds on large trades that went wrong, so by comparison, investing in (your course) was an easy decision to make, taking into account I am now making a significant number of profitable trades. 

Jan Fletcher

This is so simple to grasp and so logical.  With the tools available I can afford to be ultra selective with my trades now and it's working out beautifully!  Thank you so much.  I can get on with trading now instead of trying to find the Holy Grail! 

Paula Paine

I was about to give up trading altogether as it was all just too hit and miss when this amazing course was recommended to me.  It showed me exactly how, when and why stocks move and when and how to get involved.  Brilliant!

Andrew Benton

Yes! Order NOW!

And A Few More...

My average return in the last two weeks has been 18%.  Perfect!  Many thanks.

C Howard (Manchester)

I have made 4 trades - all 4 have returned a profit totalling 271 points.  I am extremely pleased with the results!

R Plummer (Lancs)

In my first month I was up 25%, and by my third month I was up over 100%. 

David S (Tonbridge)

I would just like to thank you again, I have been quite selective in my picks lately but have seen very good returns, there hasn’t been one occasion that I have made a loss!  The best return is around 40% with a couple of others around 25%. The new filters and facility to save is superb.

C Howard (Manchester)

I learnt more about making money in three hours with Guy Cohen than in years of reading and studying elsewhere.

A Cooper (Bucks)

In one month I made over 186% on my investments and the money just keeps rolling in.  It is hard to find a strategy that is low risk with high rewards.  Guy Cohen gave me the confidence and the understanding I needed to trade successfully.

Abraham A

... I've tested 6 short stocks which all ended in profit between 300 points to 600 points in 10 trading days

Rashid H


here is a list of a few of my trades:

  • MGM - profit $1,850.00
  • ACI - profit $240.00
  • PPC - profit $170.00
  • LVS - profit $128.00

Thanks for everything you have taught me.

P Holm (Kendal)

Yes!  Order NOW!

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