Dear Friends,

Do you have a few moments to hear an intriguing story?

In places it's even more fascinating than 'The Da Vinci Code'...

It's the story of how I infiltrated a 'secret society' whose members were quietly skimming millions of dollars for themselves.

And it's the true story of how I broke their 'secret code' - despite at one point thinking I might die...

What they were doing was totally legal - and totally private. I confess I wanted 'in' for one reason only - to discover their methods to make myself mega wealthy.

I succeeded, and now that I've blown the lid on their lucrative caper - you could join in the profit party too!

Follow me and you could soon have enough cash to be free and live an amazing wealthy life.

Imagine you could buy any car you wanted - showroom new. Live in a large house in the finest area of town with plenty of space to spread out. Take exotic 5-star holidays. Always travel first class. Pay off all your debts and even help out family and friends.

Soon you could give up work and never take another dreary job again.

What I'm about to share with you could bring enough spare money to realize your wildest dreams.

Well here's the good news ... you no longer have to dream ... because this is real.
For the last five years I've been quietly playing a 'loaded' game (previously kept secret by a wealthy and silent elite) and making a massive fortune from it. Amazingly as much as $6,590.00 for one hour on my PC! You could make this sort of money too.

How? All you have to do is...

Join me in using their 'secret' to make yourself wealthy! It takes just a few hours each month. The rest of the time is yours to do with as you please.

"I have increased my account by 60% in only a few months, and I'm only risking 3% per trade!"

- Richie S

Like me, you could soon make enough cash from this to live a wonderful life. How much? How does twelve grand a month sound? That's certainly possible - and it's all done from your own home with a bog-standard PC.

And what's even better is...

You don't need stock. There's nothing to sell. No overheads. No customers. Zero hassle. No commute to work. All you do is tap a few keys on your PC...and watch the money roll in. That's exactly what I do each month.

Sometimes I make as little as $600 in an hour, more often it's $2,000 and sometimes it's as much as $6,590.00 for less than an hour total at my PC. And I typically only have to do this for 3-4 hours each month! Remarkable as it may seem...

...I've uncovered a genuine, legal and easy way of making a serious amount of money for very little effort.

With your permission, I'd like to disclose my method right here in this letter so that you can get started on generating a large amount of cash for yourself.

I'm not going to tease you. I'll be telling you everything you'll need to do to get this working for you.

You can join me if you like, and it won't affect me one little bit because...

...there are (literally) billions of dollars to be taken legally. Let me reveal exactly how you can get your share.

Soon (actually, very soon) you could be the one with $150,000.00+ income - all from sitting in comfort at home, with your PC for just a few hours a month!

Does that sound like something you might like?

Okay, are you sitting comfortably? You're about to go on a mysterious journey which could lead to your wealth and happiness.

And that means...

...ALL the money you could ever need AND the freedom and time to enjoy it.

First let me tell you who I am, and the extraordinary account of how I discovered this remarkable secret - a secret which put me on the fast-track to wealth and which could do the same for you. After all, you'll want to be confident that I 'walk the talk'.

Then I'll show YOU how to hitch a ride on this express train and how you could make as much money as me - or more. 

If you want to follow in my footsteps, I need you to pay close attention to what I'm about to reveal. I'm not saying any of this to brag - it's just important you know this letter comes from someone serious.

Who Am I?

My name is Guy Cohen and I'm a financial trader.

I am the author of the two best selling trading books, published by the Financial Times. They have been translated into several languages and are available worldwide.

I've taught thousands of people via my books, seminars and one to one. My readers include professional traders, private investors and MBA students. These days I charge thousands for a one hour consultation. My clients include major international financial institutions including the biggest stock exchange in the world.

But until now I've held something back from my books and courses - something I will reveal to you in a moment... because I'm about to invite you into a secretive Inner Circle of very wealthy people. I will reveal a method whereby you could dig your shovel into a massive cash mountain and make enough money to pack up work forever and live your dream life.

I need you to feel comfortable with me because...

...what I'm about to reveal may shock you and go against many of your preconceived notions about making money.

That's certainly what happened to me. And I'm glad.

Being 'shocked' has enabled me to craft a superb wealthy and free life for myself and my family.

And since I'm about to reveal a closely guarded secret of making a LOT of money, let me tell you up front that I am a millionaire. I live in a gated, exclusive, riverside penthouse apartment. When I travel, it's five star, first class all the way. I ski regularly at the top resorts and most importantly, I work only when I choose to. Most of my time is leisure time.

Again, sorry if this sounds like a boast, but I think it's vital you learn about making money from someone who's actually made some! Many ideas out there are written by broke people for other broke people. I think that's a shame.

I'm telling you these private things about my life to give you a glimpse of what YOUR life could be like. It could be YOU ordering the new Bentley convertible (or whatever dream car you fancy). It could be YOU moving to the executive home and hiring interior designers at $30k a room!

It could be YOU with all the free time to enjoy this wonderful life - AND lots of money to enjoy it with.

"I traded the following from your Bull Flags module:

[PCX] June - profit $1,070.02+
[NSM] June - profit $1033.78
[FMCN] June - profit $1,002,00
[ANR] June - profit $400.00
[BIG] June - profit $402.28
[VRGY] July - loss $129.98

Amazed with the passion and commitment on your side Guy, Warmest regards"

- William D

I'd love it if that happened for you - just as it's happened for me.

So, if it's okay with you, I'm just going to plunge in and tell you everything about this amazing money-making idea. That way you can get started on the path to wealth without delay. It's the story of how I made $187,641.47 from one account in just a few months at home from a PC - and how you could follow me!

Are you ready? Here goes...

You probably know that millions of people worldwide trade the financial markets and try to make money from their activities.

If you like, they 'bet' which way the market will go. And of course 'the market' can be anything. Individual stocks (e.g. Microsoft); stock indexes (like the DOW & FTSE); currencies and even commodities like gold, orange juice and pork bellies!

Please don't think these people are experts with degrees in economics and years as city traders. Nothing could be further from the truth...

The vast majority are amateurs chancing their luck from home all over the world. Ordinary men and women with day jobs as factory workers, secretaries, teachers and administrators. Everyone's at it!

Okay, so here's the first key piece of information you need to get wealthy:
If there's a market, there are millions of ordinary people staking a wager of some sort on which way it will go.

Some reckon it will go up - and 'bet' accordingly.

Some reckon it will go down - ditto.

If they're right, they win a pile of cash. If they're wrong, they lose a pile of cash.

Millions of people are into this. You think on-line poker is big? Forget it! I'm talking one thousand times MORE money hitting the financial markets than on-line poker.

Please realize that I'm not talking about the normal buying and selling of shares here. I'm talking about 'betting' or trading on which way a particular market will go.

Currently, TRILLIONS of dollars a year are speculated on these markets!

"On a recent trade we made a profit of 111% and to date, after three weeks, we are $751 up. A useful start!  Thanks again for your expert tuition."

- Kenneth F

Mind-boggling, or what?

Okay, stay with me on this one because it's about to get really interesting...

With millions of amateurs trying to second guess the market, you can imagine that an industry has grown up to supply their insatiable appetites for 'the trading edge'.

Your imagination is correct. It's called 'the system' industry.


Thousands of them. Each day there's a new one.

Most of these systems share a common factor: they promise to show you how to predict when the market is going to turn UP, and when the market is going to turn DOWN.

Knowing this would obviously give you a monumental, kick-ass trading edge!

Now then, there's a BIG problem with most trading systems. It's an obvious problem. You may never have thought about it before, but when you read it, you will most likely smile.

It's this. If you bet the market is going UP and it goes DOWN - YOU LOSE MONEY!

If you bet the market is going DOWN and it goes UP - YOU LOSE MONEY!

And sometimes BIG money too. Thousands. What I'm saying is...

...most systems rely on teaching you to predict which WAY the market will go -  so you stake your cash hopefully. But if you're wrong, you can lose A LOT of money.

A really good system - the best of the best - aims to steer you right slightly more often than wrong, so that over the long term (years, sometimes) you make a modest profit.

And most systems (honestly, 90% of them) don't even manage this small profit.

True? Absolutely. And I should know - I've tried dozens of systems in my time.

Here's my own embarrassing story...

Like others before me I dabbled at this game for years. I won some money... then I lost some. Then I lost a lot, then I won a little of it back.

And so it went on...

When I looked back, my losses outstripped my gains - and I'd spent hundreds of hours staring at computer monitors in darkened rooms when I could have been out enjoying myself.

All that work, all that effort, all that time - and I'd LOST money!

Something was wrong here. I needed a breakthrough.

My Wake Up Call

Then, late one night after a six hour session of staring at a screen wondering why I couldn't predict the direction of the market, I had a flash of insight. You'll laugh when I reveal what it was because it's so obvious.

Yes, obvious, but maybe the biggest secret you will ever hear.

Here it is:

I couldn't predict the direction of the market because... NOBODY can predict the direction of the market!

The truth of this hit me straight between the eyes. It was one of those 'Aha!' moments.

I couldn't believe I'd missed this obvious fact for so many years.

It wasn't just me who couldn't read the crystal ball. Think about it. The top traders at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Barclays and other investment bankers make almost as many WRONG predictions as they make RIGHT ones. And they are the top professionals. They have access to data we'll never have and probably don't even suspect exists.

They do it 24/7 - and still they mostly get it wrong!

How could I be such a blind fool? Maybe I was getting delirious from staring at that damned screen for hours. But before long another startling thought hit me. It seemed just as blindingly obvious as the first...

If it were possible to predict the future movement of the market with any kind of accuracy - the market would cease to exist!

I was almost shaking with excitement (and anger) when I understood this.

Think about it for a moment. The market (any market) only varies up and down because some people think it's going UP and others think it's going DOWN and they put their money where their mouths are. They can't BOTH be right! The constant interplay between these two sides is what causes the market to move wildly up and down.

If they all knew for certain, then all of those mysterious market wobbles would be ironed out flat! And... no-one would make big money.

That was enough for me - I'd been slapped in the face with a basic truth and I became instantly disillusioned with normal trading. Sure, maybe if I worked hard at it I could make some pocket money - come out on top if you like. But that wasn't for me.

I wasn't after a 'little hobby' which consumed each evening and every weekend and only made me a few grand a year - IF I got lucky.

I wanted to work a lot less hard and make a lot more money.

I'm not greedy or unrealistic and I'm sure you're not either. I wanted about $240k a year for working a few hours a month. I also wanted to take long holidays whenever I fancied, without worrying what the markets were doing. And I certainly didn't want to stare at a computer screen all night and most weekends. I'd had it with that.

I admit I was feeling quite low that evening as I shut down my trading software for what I believed to be the last time - and headed for bed.

I tried to sleep, but something was nagging away in my brain. Something wasn't quite right. Eventually after a lot of 'sheep counting' I drifted off and slept fitfully.

At about 3am I awoke suddenly with a single clear thought in my mind. I knew what was wrong with my logic.

I'd missed something huge. It was this fact: some people were making money from the markets - BIG money (I'm talking millions here).

"I'm up a respectable 25% over a 2 month period... more importantly, I'm confident that I can significantly improve on these results with Illuminati over the coming months."

- David S

This wasn't some urban legend. I'd personally met a few of these people and heard about others via my trading. I'd put it down to dumb good luck on their part - and bad luck on mine. But now I started to think about it, that couldn't be right. I knew they were rolling in cash and they'd made it all from the markets AND it wasn't luck because they did it consistently, year on year.

These mysterious stock market traders were always making fat bundles of cash.

At that moment I became determined to uncover their secret if I could.

But something was about to stop me dead in my quest for wealth and freedom...

I awoke early next morning with a sharp pain in my gut. I'd had it before and put it down to indigestion. But this time it was worse - far worse. Doubled up, I headed for the phone to call the doctor...

I was about to find out that I'd been struck down by something unimaginable ... maybe even fatal!

Suddenly from being a confident young man, newly married and with fast-track promotion prospects, I found out that...

I had an incurable, life-threatening disease of the lower intestine requiring surgery and a cocktail of drugs and steroids ... FOR LIFE!

Within days I became virtually housebound. In a matter of weeks my weight plummeted from an athletic 170lbs to just skin and bone at 130lbs. That was almost one quarter of my body weight gone just like that.

Over the next six months the doctors at the hospital urged me to have unpleasant and invasive surgery. I refused. Somehow I believed I could get completely well without having large chunks of my body hacked away (and maybe still not be cured).

The Turning Point

Being struck down like this might depress some people and make them throw in the towel.

Not me.

In fact, it shocked me right out of my stupor and into taking immediate action that would change my life forever. It was like a red rag to a bull which had unwittingly GUARANTEED that I would succeed in my goal of a complete recovery.

To cut a long story short, through using various self-help techniques, I cured myself outright. Those same doctors who said I'd never recover, only a few months later proclaimed I might as well forget I'd ever been ill! That's quite a turnaround I'm sure you'll agree.

My story is well documented and has already helped many people around the world. I've recently been approached to write a book about my amazing story, something I'm now doing. 

Talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons!

But my point is to tell you how this led to my unmasking the people who were skimming millions out of the market - and getting away with it.

It's the story of how I discovered a secret group who I call Illuminati Traders. They use a certain easy method to consistently make millions and millions of dollars for themselves.

They've been quietly helping themselves to a giant mountain of cash - and now it's time for YOU to dig your shovel in.

I'd be exaggerating if I said the cash mountain was unlimited - but it might as well be. There are billions of dollars available. To give you an idea of how big this 'pay-out pot' is, let me say that if one thousand Illuminati Traders took a million dollars a year each, it wouldn't make the tiniest, minutest pin prick in this cash mountain.

In fact, it would go entirely unnoticed. And that is exactly how these Illuminati Traders have remained undiscovered. Until now...

I never would have discovered their secret and found out about this cash mountain if I hadn't been so desperately ill.

"I just want to write and thank you Guy. I started with a $10,000.00 account. After two years it was up to $90,000 but I had also withdrawn $50,000 for living expenses and my mortgage. So the account value was up to $140,000, all thanks to Illuminati methods. So I am most obliged and grateful to you."

- Abraham A

Everything had changed. I had a fight on my hands. A fight for my financial survival - and more importantly a fight for my life.

Before this wake-up call I'd been soft and comfortable. Trading was a hobby which I did evenings and weekends. As a successful professional, I didn't even need the money.

Let's face it, I was dabbling.

But now things were serious...

Deadly serious.

Being told at a hospital that you face a lifetime of debilitating illness and possibly death brings into sharp focus what's really important to you. Working 50+ hours a week to make a living wage suddenly didn't seem high on the list of things I wanted to do.

As I stormed out of that hospital I was mad as hell and fizzing with ideas.

I was so furious that I made several vows to myself that day. I'd like to share them with you. I'm copying these from a diary I kept at that time:

  • I vow to beat this illness - and become perfectly healthy again.
  • I vow that I will never waste another second of my life in a 'normal' job where I slave for hours to get a living wage.
  • I vow to create a perfect life for myself and my family in which I earn all the money I need in a few hours a month. The rest of the time I want to spend living!
  • I vow that when I achieve these things, I will share them. I will explain my method for self-curing with other sufferers and I will share my method of making money with people who are struggling to make ends meet.

This is why I'm writing to you today. To share my remarkable story and to share my remarkable good fortune.

The next few minutes will expose you to highly sensitive information... If you TRULY want to dramatically increase your income, then keep reading...

I want to get started and tell you exactly how to follow me, so I'm going to cut this next part of the story short.

Through a long process of listening, studying, meeting the right people, picking up hints, begging people to reveal small pieces of the jigsaw, fishing for clues and many other methods, I was able to piece together an intriguing scenario totally unsuspected by the normal amateur trader.

It took me several years of research, but here's what I uncovered:

  • There exists a 'secret' group of traders called Illuminati Traders. (That's my name for them - they have no real name. They prefer to be nameless and private.)
  • They rarely meet each other.
  • They make a HUGE amount of money using their special Illuminati Trading System. In fact, they skim-off MILLIONS of dollars a year.
  • The market doesn't even notice, any more than a global corporation would notice a $1 petty cash purchase.
  • The exact number of Illuminati Traders is unknown. For obvious reasons it's hard to count them.
  • What they do is entirely legal and ethical.
  • They keep very quiet about it. New 'members' are initiated in exactly the way I became initiated - by word of mouth.

And... now I knew their secret!

But why do so few people know how to do this? - and why is it shrouded in such mystery?

Well, I'm going to take a risk and share a couple of Illuminati 'Inner Circle' secrets with you. Some of them aren't going to make pleasant reading. But they could have an enormously positive effect on your bank balance if you're prepared to take this on board.

So if you're ready, let me reveal the first secret of the Illuminati Traders ...

The First Truth of the Markets Revealed... 

There is a giant myth that has been going around the markets since they first started. This myth has made a few people very rich indeed, but at the tragic expense of the many.

The chances of 'the many' making consistent profits are frighteningly small. In fact, it's very hard for them ever to win.

The myth is that somehow you can predict where the market is going from one day to the next.

Let me ask you this simple question: Have you ever actually seen or heard about anyone predicting the market from one day to the next? I mean consistently? Sure, they can analyze, guess and surmise. Like astrologers they can draw lines on charts and ponder their deep meanings. And sometimes they'll get lucky.

And it is mainly that - luck. Let's face it, even a broken clock is right twice a day!  

Do you know how many millions of dollars are spent every year on nonsensical forecasting tools? I dread to think how much money has been wasted on useless systems. And in the past I was one of those desperate hopefuls working all hours trying to find the Holy Grail of trading.

Here's what you need to know... (nobody else will tell you this)

There IS no Holy Grail trading system that consistently finds the highs and lows of the market in order to predict the turn around. And if there were, do you think that we, the humble private investor, would have access to it? Not likely!

And that's not all...

The Second SHOCKING Truth of the Markets Revealed... 

Here's the second secret of the Illuminati Traders ...

What they do is trade WITH the Smart Money, not AGAINST it.

And here's why...

The Smart Money is not trying to find the tops and the bottoms. You see, they're not playing the same game as most investors.

What I discovered was breathtakingly simple and would change my life forever. And it could change yours too.  It's this ...

The Smart Money does NOT trade the direction of the market!

Why? Because nobody (and I mean nobody) knows for certain which direction the market is going. So trading in that way is truly a mug bet.

Please don't go further until you've got this important point.

What I'm saying is...

The Smart Money doesn't care about the direction of the markets. It only cares if the market's about to make a big move.

If it is, then the Smart Money gets itself into position to take advantage of it. We pounce for the kill. I'd like to say it's a level playing field and the prey gets a fighting chance...

...but it's not - and it doesn't.

How do I know all this? Because this is exactly what I pieced together during my careful research into the secrets of the Illuminati Traders , and it's exactly the method I used myself to turn $14,501 into $187,641 in one 6 month period (pocketing a tasty $173,140 in profit).

The secret was unsettling once I pieced it together.

I realized that most amateur traders were operating at a huge disadvantage - like a fighter with one hand tied behind his back. Meanwhile, the Illuminati Traders were using such a powerful technique that they almost could not fail to bring home the cash. They waited like lions at the waterhole, knowing exactly when their prey would come to drink. Then they would pounce ... Is it fair? Probably not. Are you comfortable with having such an unfair advantage?

When I talk about these 'traders', I don't want you to have an image of those professional full-time traders you may have seen on TV; running up and down like idiots, screaming buy/sell orders or staring at banks of flickering computer monitors for hours.

Illuminati Traders are just normal (but very wealthy) men and women who trade as a sideline. They may do a few hours a month - and that's it.

Nobody would even know they are traders. They usually trade from a PC in their own homes.

But there's more to the story...

Having pieced together what these people were up to, I could see at a glance that it would work for me - and work beautifully. It wasn't some lame, obvious system, but something rather clever - and very different. No wonder so few people were doing this.

One thing that impressed me straight away was how little time this took once you understood it. I'd been used to spending most evenings (sometimes up to five hours) staring at charts, struggling to guess which way the market would move.

Illuminati Trading seemed to dispense with all of that. The maximum time needed was a few hours each month - most days there was nothing to do at all.

Illuminati Trading does NOT need much time, unlike so many other systems out there. If you're looking to fill 5 hours a day - this isn't for you! You'll struggle to fill 5 hours A MONTH!!!

That concept took a bit of getting used to.

Next, I'd been used to studying tricky charts and graphs, applying difficult formulae and doing other complex tasks to try and wrestle a buy/sell signal from the wildly swinging market price.

It drove me crazy... I'd rather be out having fun.

I discovered that Illuminati Traders have access to their own secret software portal which did most of the work for them! It reduced hours of work to a couple of mouse clicks.

"I feel privileged to have become an Illuminati Trader.  I now don't worry about the direction of any stock that I trade and I don't have to be glued to my screen every day.  I literally just log on and scan for the best opportunities at the best times and only select the very best of the best ... to devastating effect! 
Thank you so much!"

- K Patel

One more crucially important point...

There was another significant advantage to Illuminati Trading . Due to something called 'gearing' (leverage) you didn't need a huge amount of money to invest in order to make a lot.

That was good news too. Most other systems required you to have a 'bank' of $20,000.00 or more - and be prepared to lose the lot!

I was starting to get excited about what this could do for me...

Naturally though, I wanted to test drive my knowledge. I needed to PROVE it worked by making some serious money from it.

So I test drove and refined Illuminati Trading for an entire year until I finally 'got it'.

And boy did I get it! As you already see ...

During The Next Six Months I Made $187,641!

And that was just for starters. I couldn't imagine more convincing proof.

Finally I knew how the members of this secretive group were making so much money - and why outsiders were at such a huge disadvantage. I'd just proved it for myself.

In fact I'd just made more in six months for a few hours, than my total gross salary over the preceding five years.

I was convinced. Illuminati Trading had definitely worked for me - BIG TIME. So I'm wondering... how would you like to join in the action with me?

It's a wonderful life as an Illuminati Trader . No more hard work. It's fun as well! Many days you'll do absolutely nothing at all.

  • NO staring at a computer screen for hours each day
  • NO large amounts of cash required
  • NO complex calculations to do
  • NO degree in math, economics or psychology required!

This can be done by any adult of average intelligence - I proved that.

What Does It Take?

"In one month I made over 186% on my investments and the money just keeps rolling in. It is hard to find a strategy that is low risk with high rewards. Guy Cohen gave me the confidence and the understanding I needed to trade successfully."

- Abrahim Abdirazak

Well, you do need some qualities to become an Illuminati Trader and in fairness to you I'm going to spell them out.

That way you can decide if this is for you or not. Fair enough?

So what do you need?

First you need the ability to follow my simple step-by-step instructions to the letter.

Sounds easy? I wonder. Many people get clever and think they know better than me.

When you start to make big money from this, you may be tempted to tinker with this proven system. Don't!

If you think you haven't got the discipline to follow what I say, then it's best that we part company now.

The other quality you'll need is the ability to de discrete about what you do. It would be very poor form to brag to others about this, even though it's very tempting.

You're going to need a 'cover story' to explain your good fortune and to keep prying noses away from how you're making more in one hour than they're making in one month.

Surprisingly, not everyone is able to keep quiet. They love to boast about how they are in a secret society, making 'easy money' from home and doing virtually no work. People can resent this and become jealous.

So my advice is, don't tell anyone you are an Illuminati Trader.

Are those two conditions okay with you?

Great. By now you'll want to get ready because I'm about to reveal more insider secrets of the Illuminati Trader . This will blow you away with its simplicity...

What Does an Illuminati Trader Actually Do?

Here's the easy 6-step formula that I and my fellow Illuminati Traders follow...

I plan for one of four special periods each year. If it's not one of those times - I'll be patient. (You can trade like this any time you like, but I prefer to trade in this way during these special periods because the odds of explosive profits are even higher at these times.)

If it's one of these special times, I go to my PC and see which stocks have been highlighted for me. (Don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to do this at the click of a mouse. If you can access a web site, you can do this.)

I look for a special 'secret' Illuminati Trader indicator.

It's a bit like a combination lock. When the numbers line up - the lock springs open and we're in to the vault containing the cash! Once you know what this indicator is, it will jump out at you. Every few weeks there are stocks which are making tell-tale signals that they're about to make a BIG move (remember, we don't care which way, up or down.) We only trade these explosive moves.

If the stock moves sharply up - we make a killing.

If the stock moves sharply down - we make a killing.

Only if the stock does nothing do we lose a small part of our investment on this trade.

One investor who was taught my methods recently made $18,974 in five days from just one trade.

If the indicator is there, I go to a certain web site (which is available to Illuminati Traders - I will give you the URL). The postings on this site help to tell Illuminati Traders whether a trade is hot or not. These are the 'tip-offs' which those in the know can use to support their winning trades. Normal traders will never see these 'tip offs' which is why they lose so often! We're playing with the deck stacked firmly in our favor.

You will be given the password to a restricted Illuminati Trader web site which will tell you in seconds exactly what you need. The exclusive 'Inner Circle only' area of this site is not available to outsiders (in fact, it is invisible to them without the special password). All the work has been done for us.

We then place our trade on the market (that's easy! One phone call.) with a high degree of confidence that we will win. Illuminati Traders use a 'gearing' or 'leverage' system which allows us to invest a small amount of money and control a far larger sum.

This gearing/leverage effect allows you to make (say) 100% return when a stock or index only moves 15%.

That's all there is to it. And that's why it takes so little time.

The great thing is that once your trade is live, you don't have to waste time glued to a PC monitor watching the action unfold. All you need to do is a quick daily check (5 minutes) to see how your trade is going. Some of my best trades were the ones where I just followed the Illuminati Trader system - and walked away.

Resist the temptation to tinker - trust in the method. It works.

After a few days we close the trade and hopefully haul away another sack of cash into our bank accounts. I never get tired of doing this!

And here's a stunning fact about Illuminati Trader which places it WAY above anything else out there...

We DON'T CARE if the market goes UP or if it goes DOWN! We can win whichever way it moves because we 'bet' on BOTH events happening.

Please read that again and see if it doesn't give you a tingle of excitement. It certainly did for me when I first heard it.

This is almost magical. We literally play BOTH SIDES. In other words we 'bet' that the stock will go up AND at the same time we 'bet' that it will go down. If you do this the Illuminati Trader way, then huge returns are possible with only a limited risk. (Don't worry if this is unclear at the moment - all will be revealed!)

Order your copy of the Illuminati-Trader System NOW!

I'm hoping that if you've read this far you're getting excited about the possibilities. After all, here is something you can do with no prior experience, with very little money and which takes just 4-5 hours a month. Something which could bring returns way in excess of any annual salary you have ever earned.

This is not some fantasy. I and my fellow Illuminati Traders do this regularly and make great money from it. And to give you even more confidence, remember I am a well known author who is prepared to stake his reputation on this. This letter isn't from some mysterious, shadowy figure who refuses to be named.

I'm prepared to step up and be counted, and stand By This.

So now I have a direct question for you...

How would YOU like to join the elite and become an Illuminati Trader ?

Join Me in a Life of Wealth and Freedom!

Would you like to enjoy explosive profits of 100%-300% and repeat this time after time?

Would you like to make tens of thousands from your PC - in just a few hours each month?

The exciting news is that you could do this if you're prepared to follow my step-by-step method. I will teach you, if you're prepared to learn.

Please be clear, Illuminati Trading is HIGHLY sensitive information and I only want people who are serious about joining me in a profit-party like no other. There's nothing illegal or unethical about this, but if you decide you want 'in' I will reveal how to unlock wealth and returns you would never have imagined!

Please, you must understand, by trading in the way that I'm going to show you, your returns could be hundreds of percent in literally DAYS...

Does this feel okay? I ask because many people are uncomfortable with making big money for little effort. If this is you, there's not much I can do to convince you. But if you're comfortable with making this money, here's how to make it happen for you...

How to Get on Board

There are only two ways on the planet of becoming an Illuminati Trader and getting your share of the billions of dollars available in pay-outs.

Method One: Piece this all together for yourself. Find your own way into the Inner Circle (if you're lucky) through years of careful research - like I did.

Method Two: Learn from me direct. I have created an easy-to-follow program called Illuminati Trader . In the program I will lead you from the absolute basics into the innermost sanctum of Illuminati Trading . I will leave nothing out. Within a short time of joining, you will know (and be able to apply) these secrets for yourself.

The course is beautifully produced on 10 video CDs. There are no complicated manuals to study. No notes to make. No workbooks. Just sit back at your PC and relax as I reveal the secrets to you one at a time through a series of video modules.

It's a joy to learn and great fun too.

I'm hope you're excited about this, but let's get serious for just a moment.

A Word of Warning

I want to be totally up front with you and tell you that this isn't for everyone.

I couldn't sleep at night if I pretended it was and so I want to take a few moments to tell you about the downside.

I would definitely rather NOT take you on as an Illuminati initiate if this was not going to benefit you - no question about that.

Can you live with that?

The first thing is you're going to need some money You can get into this for just a few hundred dollars but if that's too rich for you, now is not the time to enter the Inner Circle of Illuminati Trading.

My point is that if you're maxed-out on every credit card; owe money to friends and family; have a hefty bank overdraft and can barely meet your monthly commitments, then the Illuminati Trading system is not for you.

Yes, the big money may tempt you but it's not right for you at this point in your life. No shame in that.

Secondly, you need to be averagely bright and be prepared to learn how to do this.

How long did it take you to learn to drive, or ride a bike, or swim? Those were skills you were willing to invest time and effort into acquiring, weren't they?

How much more important to invest the time in learning something which could make you financially free forever.

"The beauty with these CDs is that it is like having personal tuition with Guy himself. And he even shows you where he made mistakes. He shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and how to be selective for the very best opportunities. It's as if I've gained 2 years of experience watching Guy go through all those trades with me on the CDs."

- H Batson

The 'learning' is easy, by the way. I'm not talking about you poring over difficult textbooks. All you need to do is sit at your PC and watch some videos which I will send on video CD.

And finally a word about losses.

Although this is the easiest and most workable method I've ever come across for making money, it is possible to lose some money as well as win. So you must be able to cover a loss (and it can happen). If you're playing with 'scared money' (you know what I mean by that) then you're more likely to make mistakes. If you positively, definitively, absolutely MUST get $500 today to pay your mortgage or they're coming to take the house, then my advice is to walk away from this. Consider the doors shut and the circle closed.

However, Illuminati Traders snap their fingers in the face of their losses because their upside potential is almost unlimited, whilst their losses are absolutely, rigorously limited.

I want you to completely forget any scare stories you may have heard about losing your shirt. This may be so for other types of traders staking bets on which way a market will turn, but...

When you follow me, it is absolutely flat out IMPOSSIBLE for you to lose more than a small part of your investment on any one trade.

When I say impossible - I mean it.

Due to my very own secret Illuminati Trader formula I will share with you, I rarely lose more than 20% of my stake at the very worst. So that means if I stake $100, the most I (and you) should lose is $20. And that's the odd time the trade goes wrong! 

I hope you've followed what I've just shared with you and are reassured about controlling any losses.  I am very strict about this and you can be assured I'll drum it into you how to maximize your gains.

Finally, you will need a decent PC, a phone line and a few hours spare each month. This can easily be fitted in with your day job if you have one.

And... well... that's it. I'd like to say it's a lot more complicated and difficult and dangerous because it would make what I do seem more glamorous - but it's none of those things.

It's pretty simple and it makes me a LOT of money.

Still with me? Fantastic, because I wanted you to have all the information - good and bad - before making up your mind.

So if you're ready to roll...

Let's Get Started

What I'd love to do is to send you the complete Illuminati Trader System by return of post so that you can get started on the path to financial freedom straight away.

And I'd like you to test all these claims at MY risk, not YOURS.

Imagine what this could do for you and your family!

  • Not long from now you could be giving up your job.
  • You could be an Illuminati Trader, operating from home, playing on a level playing field with The Smart Money!
  • You could be banking tens of thousands - and only working (if you can call it work!) a few hours each month.
  • Many days there is absolutely nothing to do.
  • You would have time to do all the things you've always wanted to do. Money to enjoy the good life. Money for top class vacations. And money to help out friends and family.

That's something worth aiming for, don't you feel?

What would you pay for a lifetime of financial independence? Maybe $50,000? It would certainly be worth it - you could easily make that back in a few months! (I made more than four times that in six months.)

But obviously that's a large figure and it would not be sensible to ask you for that. People pay me $8,000 just for a consultation, plus $10,000 for software, so maybe $18k would be right? Then I thought about charging $10,000 which is the ticket price for a forthcoming 'invitation only' seminar I am holding on this subject...

But I don't even want to charge you that because I remember what it was like when I first got started in trading. Ten grand would have left a large hole in my pocket.

$5,000 maybe? That felt about right.

The truth is, it's hard to place a monetary value on something which is invaluable.

So what I've decided to do (and I hope you're going to be excited by this) is to offer a limited number of training packages at just $2,497

Yes, seriously, that's all it will cost to get your hands on arguably the most powerful money-making tool on the planet today.

For this investment you get the complete 10 video CD training package which will take you from the basics right through to the full Illuminati Trader System . All the secrets are on those videos.

You get access to the restricted web sites for Illuminati Traders only.

You one year FREE get access to the software portal which makes this happen almost at the click of a mouse (again, only available to Illuminati Traders ).

And you also get...

Unlimited Support

Boy, I wish I'd had this when I was learning to be an Illuminati Trader !

I know how important it is to have a helping hand. Even something simple can seem puzzling when you're first starting out. But don't worry - I've got it covered. I have invested a large amount of my own money in setting up a helpline for you to call with any questions you may have. You can phone an unlimited number of times with your questions - no matter how basic.

I call it "unlimited hand-holding"!

So rest easy, knowing that unlike most trading systems, you won't be left high and dry after you've invested your money.

Because I know this works and to give you even more peace of mind, I am prepared to offer the following guarantee.

Examine This Amazing Package at MY Risk - Not Yours

Your Peace of Mind No-Quibble Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Examine The Illuminati Trading System in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Break open the packaging, watch the training sequences on the video CDs, do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make an excellent living from a few hours a month on a PC in your own home. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the course in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. That's how certain I am that you are going to love this course and make it work for you. There is no way I could make such an offer if it didn't do exactly what I claim.

Order your copy of the Illuminati-Trader System NOW!

I am going to train just 287 new Illuminati Traders at this price. It was 300 but I gave away three places already to trusted friends of mine and sold another 10 by word of mouth (see testimonials later). After this, I intend to put the price up to $5,997.00.

These 287 places will go VERY fast so it is absolutely imperative that you act now to secure your place.

After these places have gone - that's it at this price.

Please act right now, TODAY before the moment passes. Complete the enclosed Acceptance Certificate and reserve your place immediately. You'll really kick yourself if you end up paying nearly double!

Don't hate yourself for missing out on this half price deal.

There's another reason for acting NOW. We have emerged from an amazingly volatile time in the markets and are just coming in to a period of potentially MASSIVE profits. The signals are flagging something really huge about to happen in the next few months. If you get your skates on, you can master this and be ready to clean up BIG TIME! (In these uncertain times, Illuminati Trading is the very best and safest way to trade the markets.)

By now I hope you realize you are holding in your hand your ticket to the good life. Do not put this aside to do 'later' - because that time will not come, and anyway it will be too late because all the places will have gone.

You have very little to risk and everything to gain.

The Best just got Better...

Heck, I'm feeling generous and I really want you to have this package and some money to get started with trading. So I'm prepared to give you $500 trading money by knocking another $500 off the price as an 'early bird' discount as long as you respond straight away. (This makes the price just $1,997.00.

Your future is in your hands right now.

The decision you make now could either leave you in your current financial position - or put you on the path to an exciting new wealthy and free future, with all the money you could ever need.

I hope you make the right decision.

Best Regards

Guy Cohen

PS Here at last is a genuine, legal and ethical way to make a serious amount of money from your PC at home in under an hour a day. I am not some shadowy 'X' figure - but a well known name with books published by the FT. I stake my reputation that this works and I stand by the Illuminati Trader system.

PPS We really don't have to worry which way the market moves since we bet BOTH WAYS!!!

PPS There is NO RISK for you to test-drive this and prove it works. See my money-back guarantee.
Order Now

Need More Information? Read This!

If you're new to this I expect you have 101 questions which are bubbling in your mind. I have tried to answer some of these below, but don't worry as everything is explained on the course and you will receive full support when you become an Illuminati Trader . You won't be left high and dry.

Q: I'm totally new to this and have never traded. Is this right for me?
It could be an advantage. You will have no preconceived ideas and will make a better student. The video training CDs take you from the basics right through to the full Illuminati Trading system.

Q: How do I actually place my trade?
Through a broker - of which there are thousands. One quick telephone call or email is all it takes to make your trade. I will introduce you to an excellent broker firm who appreciate and understand the Illuminati Trading system - but you can use any broker if you prefer.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A decent PC and a phone line with broadband. That's it. (You could just about do this on dial-up if you don't have broadband.)

Q: How much time does it take?
4-5 hours a month, maximum. Many days there will be nothing to do.

Q: Can I trade all year around?
Yes you can, but I prefer to wait for certain special periods which occur four times a year. During these periods the action is hot and we can make a lot more money. Just a few trades a year is all it takes. When you make a trade using the Illuminati Trader system, it's best just to sit back a few days. Take it easy. Enjoy yourself. The system is working for you.

Q: Do I have to make a lot of complicated calculations?
None at all! The 'donkey work' is done for you by special software only available to Illuminati Traders.

Q: Is this risky? Could I lose a lot of money?
You absolutely can NEVER lose more than your stake on any one trade, and if you follow me then it would only ever be a maximum of around 20%. If you risk $100 - that's the very most you can lose on that trade. In practice I rarely lose more than 20% of my stake. So for a $100 stake the risk is more like $20. Forget anything you've heard about people losing thousands on a trade - this cannot happen as an Illuminati Trader (unless you placed tens of thousands on a single trade of course - which you wouldn't do unless you have millions in trading capital!)

Q: Is it really possible to give up work and make a good living from this?
Absolutely yes, this is possible. I do it and so I am living proof. You no longer have to work hard, 50+ hours a week, just to make a meager wage.

U.K. Government Required Disclaimer - The past is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of any investment, and the income derived from it, can go down as well as up. You may get back less than the amount invested. Never invest more than you can safely afford to lose. There is an extra risk of losing money when shares are bought in some smaller companies including penny shares. Before investing, or if in doubt about the suitability of an investment please seek independent financial advice.

Order Your Illuminati-Trader System NOW!

Read This Only if You're Still Undecided

If I haven't managed to convince you just how powerful this technique is, take a look at what other people have to say now that they have become Illuminati Traders 

'I must say how impressed I was with Illuminati Trader. I was totally absorbed by it when I first watched it and couldn't wait to start applying it.  I can categorically say that I am having some outstanding success with it.  I look at the markets in a completely different way to how most people do and again would like to thank you for sharing this with me'. Neil Blake

'I received the Illuminati Trader CD-ROMS last week.  I have been through the CD-ROMS once already and let me tell you it is dynamite!  I could not stop watching them!  This approach is a license to pillage the markets and have a lot of fun doing it!!!' Peter Sheppard
'I have attended various courses having learnt various ways of trading the markets.  Up until now I didn't realize how successful a particular strategy could be, this is the moment I found out about Illuminati Trader.  I have spent thousands of dollars learning when all I ever needed is in the complete set of Illuminati Trader.  If you are serious about trading I suggest you buy the CDs, it has certainly changed my life.' Melvin Green

'I would like to thank you for the incredible tools Illuminati Trader has given me.  In the past, I have lost several thousand dollars on large trades that went wrong, so by comparison, investing in Illuminati Trader was an easy decision to make, taking into account I am now making a significant number of profitable trades'. Jan Fletcher

'It is with great excitement that I write this testimonial singing the praises of Guy Cohen's Illuminati Trader.  At this stage, I have worked through the CDs twice, working through each step with him.  It's a great way to learn this very exciting trading method with a skilled and humorous teacher'. C Mersch

'I have had a fascinating few days watching Illuminati Trader. All this time I've been trying to unravel the secrets of the markets and knowing when a stock is going to make a high or a low, literally chasing my tail and going round in circles - until now! This is so simple to grasp and so logical. With the tools available I can afford to be ultra selective with my trades now and it's working out beautifully! Thank you so much.  I can get on with trading now instead of trying to find the Holy Grail!' Paula Paine

'Armed with this knowledge and these tools I feel like I'm in a very exclusive band of Market Highwaymen!  I can now put my time to good use in picking out the best opportunities as they reveal themselves via the terrific tools. Thank you Guy Cohen,' Chris Green

'I was about to give up trading altogether as it was all just too hit and miss when this amazing course was recommended to me.  It showed me exactly how, when and why stocks move and when and how to get involved. Brilliant!' Andrew Benton

'I have gone through Illuminati Trader, and I am truly amazed at the way Guy spots the trades with such ease, and how I now can too.' Douglas Howie

'Guy Cohen has taken professional concepts of trading volatility, and put them together to form a tool that works for ordinary traders who want to play with the pros.  For sure, "Illuminati Trading" requires patience and discipline to only go for the best opportunities. I'm just very grateful that Guy has produced this material.' Anthony Nash

Illuminati Trader is an unregulated product. Information is for general information only and is not intended to be relied upon by individual readers in making (or not making) specific investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. You should not buy an option unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the premium plus any commission or other transaction charges. Investments in options involve a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Spread betting is a leveraged product that can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. This form of investing may not be suitable for all investors so ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary. Published and Copyright Anfield Partnership

† The figures quoted are taken from Guy Cohen's own US dollar trading account.

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